Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Bird's Paradise

There was this beautiful little bird trapped inside
Unknown to the world, but she did not really want to hide
The bird was in a strong and complex world much like a cage
And desperately yearned to have a mirror to see its image
The cage was but an illusion waiting to be easily broken
But the crazy bird waited for one of its flock to open (the door)

While another brazen bird set off on its own waiting for none
Flying out and high in glory, it's initial work well done
Claiming freedom and independence for its own
It soon became a bird for its courage well known

The bird still in the cage struggled and shed tears
And finally realized that nothing helps except faith and determination very fierce
The bird saw that the world may be linked but individuality matters a lot
The trick is in liberating oneself and being completely self-taught
The bird saw that independence and faith created amazing magic
And more often than not defied all logic
So, the bird managed to break the illusion of its mental cage
And fly out to the paradise with many a follower regardless of age

PS: I have a thought. I'd love to see your interpretation and understanding of this poem. It would be interesting to see how similar or different it is to what I intend to communicate. Please leave a comment.

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