Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Being honest and revealing things as they are makes one vulnerable. People, perhaps, believe you're not 'smart'. You're believed to be naive and weak. Meanwhile, it's probably not about your inability to lie, but your unwillingness to lie....irrespective of the consequences. It's about how much you respect your conscience and values. But the world takes advantage of you and thinks you will lend yourself to the situation completely, for its own cheap thrills.......and settles for some fun at your expense. What do you do?

- Let it have fun and suffer the consequences of being virtuous?

- Learn the art of being virtuous as well as cunning and deal with the consequences of being virtuous with the cunning that it (more often than not) takes to avoid suffering?

- Abandon the situation and keep jumping to a seemingly "greener" life whenever you encounter such entities? Avoid becoming a dragon or wasting your energy by fighting the dragon?

- Develop the skill of announcing your values in such a way that the world dare not react the way it would otherwise? The world may perhaps see you as dangerous rather than naive in such a case, but you're happy with it...!?

- Reconsider your opinion of the consequences and realize that, more often than not, it's a choice between conscience/values and worrying about how the world will react? So, forget about how the world reacts and recover after the temporary concern that you may not be able to avoid as an ordinary mortal... (i.e. deal with it as you would deal with rumours!?)

- Settle for some harmless or not-so-harmless compromises (that does not change your 'path') as a consequence of following your heart...

What method suits you? How do you deal with such situations? Inspiring stories to share?

PS: From a poem:
If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;Be honest and frank anyway.

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