Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What an irony!

Hilarious and ironical, this! I still can’t believe it happened this way!

This morning, I came across a quote that I liked. It was about Happiness being the result of two things/factors. Thought it was cool and made a mental note of it. Come afternoon, I had a conversation with a friend about this and that and suddenly recalled the fact that I’d come across this quote on Happiness and got ready to share it with her. I started off only to stop almost as quickly as I started – because all I was able to recall was….

Happiness is the result of ---------- and a weak memory.

Would you believe it? I told her I forgot what the quote claimed the other cause to be and she said, “You have a weak memory!” and the irony of the situation dawned upon us and struck us both real hard that very second! The whole place reverberated with our laughter even as I struggled to stop laughing and actually think about what was happening and the rest of the quote itself. Life never ceases to amuse and amaze!

Well, if you’re dying to know what the other factor is, I managed to come out of the situation and recall the complete quote with a little bit of help from Google (verbatim version). ;)

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. :) (It may have been equally amusing or maybe even more so had I initially recalled the good health part but forgotten the weak memory part! :D)


deepa said...

:-) So very true. I love this :-)

Usually most of us end up with Good memory and bad health...and end result...no happiness.

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

ROFL! Thanks! I needed a good laugh!

Nimmy said...

So true, so...now, i am trying to reverse the direction in which some things are moving....chasing good health and forgetting my memory.....if the latter makes sense ;) :D

Anytime, Jeane!! :) Take care!

Arbit Orbit said...