Thursday, May 10, 2007

Enlightening Conversations

Conversation between yours truly and an intelligent girl kid all of 3.5 years old (gk):

gk to me: I'll teach you how to make peanut butter (her favourite). take a a grinder, then....take a peanut, put it in the grinder, plug it in, charge it, it grinds the peanut automatically. now, apply it on the bread

me: make a grinder??? :)

gk to me: umm, ok, buy a grinder

gk's mom: hey, gk, we don't have to buy a grinder...we are all likely to have a grinder

gk to me: ok, if you have a grinder, take a peanut and......(repeats whole process)

me: (new line of thought) only one peanut?

gk: ok, take two peanuts

me: (going back to old line of thought because of lack of ideas) hey, what if i have to buy a grinder? how do i buy it?

gk: make some money and buy it

me: how do i make money? what is the best way to make money? (intelligent question, eh?)

gk: umm....well....uh....ok, get a piggy bank. best way to make money

me along with everyone else in the room were rolling on the floor and dangerously close to destroying some fragile items.


sreejith said...

lovely answer !

Nimmy said...

indeed! :) Children come up with such amazing insights, don't they?