Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Imaginary Friendships Could Boost Child Development

Imaginary Friendships Could Boost Child Development!

Obviously, this one reminds me of Calvin's intelligence. Another reason why this article arouses my interest is that it talks about such children retaining knowledge as well! Now, that - according to me - could be because these children are likely to express themselves uninhibitedly to their imaginary companions and also share things with the latter and even perhaps 'teach' them! :D

Cool! If you're a young parent, I think it may be time for you to think about looking for a great soft toy that your child can 'breathe' some life into...! ;)


Anjali said...

Ideally it should be real friendships that bring developement. Friendships lead to dependency and emotions that need response can a non living thing provide that. If not it could lead to psychological imbalances where a person lives life in a different world. Life is about balance so to a certain extent even imaginary friendships are Ok but one has to draw the line. Kids don't understand that. It is a quite complex world and should be moderated by a parent.

Nimmy said...

Anjali! :) Cool response! I agree with you completely! It has to be a balanced affair indeed! You can't lead a life like that of Calvin's all the time....though he does share thoughts with some of his class-mates during the time that he does not spend with Hobbes and Dinosaurs! ;D.

Hobbes is more of an alter-ego who can see anything from an angle opposite to that of Calvin's - That's the important point I guess! :)

But I love your reasoning and shall remember it....! :) Keep coming back, please!