Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Bird Song (Don't think of Swans)

As I waited for my office transport to arrive at my stop, I indulged in the moment - listened to a few birds share their views on I don’t know what but nevertheless found myself nodding appreciatively, clouds move lethargically, and trees sway with the breeze indecisively. And then, the inevitable happened. The transport arrived. I reluctantly abandoned the stop I was rooted to till then and marched into the vehicle and planted myself on my regular seat and switched on the iPOD to listen to a peppy number. And, hey, presto! I ‘saw’ a connection happen in my mind. There flashed across my mind’s eye a thought that it would be superb if a team of birds with eclectic voices and tones got together and sang out the number I was listening to, sans the lyrics….(just the tune). Wow. That’s an orchestra I would pay a ransom for. Sigh! Has to remain a dream, eh?! Unless…one uses the computer to ‘make’ such a song! Nothing like a live performance but, well, something is better than nothing when it comes to such a dream. Can one of the animation movie experts adopt this idea, please? :)

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