Monday, May 28, 2007

The Sunrise and other stories...

A week that could be aptly called "fighting for fitness"...! :(
Things are slipping (ouch, that touched a raw nerve...oh....that makes it two puns in all. Twisted ankles, you see) back to normalcy. As I attempt to get myself back in working condition on multiple counts, I must say I got to see an amazing sunrise this morning. Beautiful grey and orange sky touching a quiet and sparkling sea (probably a KM away though- got to clarify that KM is kilo meter and not the KM KM, given my association with the other KM. Confusing....) Wait, I am in Chennai. Bangalore hasn't decided to meet the sea face-face without telling you. :) The sun rose in all its glory....fiery orange ball between some tall about 3-4 minutes and a few crows - far enough for me to see just their shapes - flew past it. Cool. How lovely it would be if I could wake up to such a sunrise everyday!


-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

I like that you find pleasure in the simple beauties that the Universe presents and then share these with your Readers. This one reminds me of your post about the birds and perhaps them singing to you in an orchestra conducted manner. Although for commercial purposes of such, I believe unfortunately that Mentos (mints) has come the closest to achieving your vision – LOL.

Nimmy said...

Thanks so much, Jeane! I love the simple pleasures of life. My heart rejoices when watching the sunrise, the swaying tree, the thoughtful puppy, the confused expression of a child etc. Sharing it with others is indeed a challenge because all one has are words.... :)
I am sorry if you lost the joke on me, but what exactly has Mentos done? Is it related to an advt. of their's?