Tuesday, May 22, 2007

IT Doesn't Matter....!? (My apologies to Nicholas Carr)

Caveat Emptor: I don't take responsibility for what happens to you after you've read this poem....unless it is something good ;)

IT or it?

you run away from it

you hide it, you fight it

you deny it, you ignore it

you chase it away (have you, really?)

and believe it has no longer a say

you even laugh it off, half-heartedly though

you just don't want to handle it, you know!

and then comes the day of reckoning

which you've been doing anything but beckoning

it looks you straight in the face

in the most inescapable of ways

and you know that's that

no time to fume or fret

it's all over and done

so, you face it like a woman

and then you know, it's you...not it

it was always (meant to be) there, you weren't the one that fit

so you take it, even embrace it

it's not that bad when you accept, of life, every bit

life is, of course, lit with lights but also the gaps between

that's the way things are, will be and have always been!

by Nirmala alias Nimmy :)

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