Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please Procrastinate

Read this totally riotous article. Paul reminds me of Bill Bryson. :-) 

Now, consider this -  “The most distinguishing feature of winners is their intensity of purpose.”-Alymer Letterman

Honestly, I think this article explains why some of us don't do what we don't do. Who said we procrastinate? Utter gibberish. We simply are so obsessed with some of our ideas that we ignore everything else in the world. No. Seriously. If we want to be winners at something in life, then we may definitely have to learn to ignore a lot of other things. Think about it but don't sue me for this impulsive post :-)


Roving municipalist said...

or consider W B Yeats

"the best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity"

Nimmy said...

That, RM, is so counter-intuitive.... :-| What context was this said in? Was he talking about the best and worst losers? ;-)

Rakesh Poddar said...

Probably Yeats means that a lot of knowledge could sometimes be a bad thing, because you would know all the different aspects and perspectives of a task, and these different, contradictory perspectives will keep toggling as the top idea in your mind, and thereby not propelling you to pursue the task with a passionate intensity.

Nimmy said...

@Rakesh: But we are not talking of knowledge here...are we? :-) We are only talking about the 'purpose'!

Rakesh Poddar said...

Yes Nimmy... but I can make sense of Yeats' statement only if I replace "best" with "knowledgable", and "worst" with "ignorant".

What say :-)

Nimmy said...

@Rakesh: Aah....well...ok...I guess most of the quotes are interpreted within our own context anyway! :-D Heh