Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Copy Not Right

This brilliant person here wants intends to be a better human being just like yours truly but he apparently thinks copying someone else's blog title and description word to word will help him be a better person! :-) Sigh. If only Originality is not something I value, I'd have found it easier to forgive him. I am almost convinced that even his blog posts are not his own. Someone must tell him that this (people not trusting any of his work) is the consequence of copying....even if it's just one thing that he decides to copy. Grow up, my friend. You might sound a lot more impressive than I (or others) do if you look into your own head instead of others' blogs.


Chandra Prakash said...

Hi Nimmy!!
I have visited this person's blog. lo!! it's really amazing how people behave sometimes.
It's a word to word copy!!!

Anyways, gud things (rather popular things) are treated this way and it should surely boost your morale in keeping a nice blog.

Chandra Prakash said...

.... jus would like to mention that I have too many times copy pasted some niceties here and their, but with some comments and surely not in this way.

Raj said...

Be happy!! you have a ardent follower who takes time out to do c&p from your blog!!

Srini said...


but in spite of that you could come up with a lovely title for this post! absolutely love it... copy not right!!

Shailen said...

Forgive and bless the poor soul. Do not humiliate the mentally retarded souls...o' you enlightened one!!!

Shailen said...

Forgive and bless the poor soul. Do not humiliate the mentally retarded souls...o' you enlightened one!!!

Anonymous said...
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Caveman said...

Holy Macaroni!! What the hell's wrong with this dude!!?? He has copied the whole god damn text word for word!! Terrible con artist, me says!!

Man, what a douche. While i'm at it, i might as well say that the chap is a 'Double Douche Bag!!', et all. Down with all sorts of copy crapamollas like him!!

Sushant Kumar said...

Well on the positive side it shows that you are Ms Popular and people want to copy you.

Rest assured that your loyal readers are with you in full support.

Nimmy said...

Dear Friends,
First of all, a common Thank you for the lovely comments and a common Apology for not responding quickly. Something seems to have gone wrong with my blogspot Comments feature. I did not get any notification of new comments and noticed your comments in my blogspot dashboard only today!


@Chandra: :-)Thanks, I guess I've already almost forgotten this incident! Heh Heh. Happens with most of us, doesn't it...?! :-) Don't you worry about taking 'pieces' of text from others as long as you attribute it to them and do it with their permission in certain cases! :-)

@Raj: Trust you to be the kind soul you always are :-) Agreed. It definitely means he thought it was a nice blog title/description. I think what is at the back of my mind is perhaps the fact that I now have a 'duplicate' looking blog and there is a dent on the blog's identity. :-(

@Srini: Thanks! Well, I too am glad I get to at least announce the presence of a duplicate blog so people don't think I've copied the idea from somewhere else! :-)

@Shailen: :-D Hahhaaaa....LoL....can't stop laughing. Well, I definitely am not an enlightened soul but I've already forgiven this person. :-)

@Caveman/Jai: Trust you to use some exotic phrases. Loved them! Esp. Copy Crapamollas. :-) And...extremely glad to have you back here....leaving your comments and all. :-))

@Sushant: Thanks, friend. :-)

Caveman said...


I found your blog via the Google search engine too. My wife and I named our daughter (she's about to be one year old) Michele too. We call her 'Macchi babe' for short. I had a girlfriend in college with that name and we have always thought it was very beautiful. We live in the States and my mother-in-law lives in a green town. My mother-in-law refuses to use Macchi's name. She calls her "The Baby" and says that Macchi will run away from us becuase of her name and that kids in school will be mean to her and she will turn to drugs. We love her name… (wow what are the evens of that)! I believe the world is bigger than her small town / and her small mind. Do you know many Macchi’s? How about Mackerel, Tuna or maybe Salmon? Do you think it's very bad that we call her Macchi babe? Does that sound bad to you? Perhaps we do not pronounce it like you people may - we pronounce it like it is spelled in Hindi. Do you think kids these days are that closed minded?
Plajarising Two Hoots. Oops, I hope you no mind if I spell plagiarizing liking plajarising? I’m liking you and I’m just trying to be gud :)

Nimmy said...

@Jai: First things first. You simply have no idea what a wonderful favour you have done me. I swear. I could be your slave for life, just for this one comment. Before you begin to imagine that I've lost it, allow me to explain. I was in a totally miserable mood since morning. Wanted to run away to another galaxy, leave alone another planet in Milky Way. And here you come making me literally roll on the floor and guffaw away my worries. May God bless you! I'll personally ask Him/Her to in case this statement isn't good enough.

Now, I am wondering why I deleted that anonymous comment. Your comment when read alongside that would have been a total world-rocking riot. I am sorry I deleted it! :-(