Friday, July 23, 2010

Four and a Half Kinds of People

Alert! Nonsense Ahead.

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I have a theory. There are four and a half kinds of people in this world. (I couldn't help it. Will try harder not to put people into buckets henceforth. There are two kinds of people - those who categorize people and those who try not to categorize people. Let me see if I can make the switch. But, when you look at it from another angle, there are two kinds of people - those who bucket people into various kinds and those who kick the bucket. In this case, I might want to not make the switch too soon)

If you still remember where this started, there are four and a half kinds of people.

Those who believe there must be a logical and perfectly rational explanation behind every single thing and are mostly engaged in discovering these explanations. Either considering it - dramatically - as their life's purpose or - casually - taking it up amongst their day-to-day/routine activities. They are perhaps the atheists or the agnostics, the ones who believe that the universe is governed by irrefutable laws rather than a universal spirit (even if they are subject to universal changes at appropriate intervals). They are the researchers and the  investigators of the world. The purely mind people. It's another thing that in the course of such a pursuit, they might convert into the heart or soul people. 

Those who are perfectly comfortable with the weirdness, mysteries and paradoxes of life and are ready to accept that some of these bewildering and fascinating episodes of life cannot and need not be explained. They might even be slightly delusional and might believe in or want to believe in miracles. They are the creators who couldn't care less about the principles or rationale behind creativity and would rather enjoy and cherish life as it is (and for what it appears to be) without bothering to look beneath the surface. The heart or/and soul people. The soul people are different from the heart people in that they however look for the 'hidden meaning' or spiritual purpose behind everything. They could, in some cases, be a cross between the mind and the heart people. 

Those who couldn't care less about life or its sources and mysteries and don't even perhaps notice life's quirks, exceptions, wonders and what not. They are mostly concerned with their mundane lives and are happy with their daily meals, sleep and fun. The 'duh uh eh' people.

Finally, those who are not dominated by any one of the thinking styles mentioned above but tend to swing between different attitudes and approaches and enjoy multiple experiences. The 'everything' people. Imagine the intersection area of a Venn diagram.

I know. Utter nonsense. But won't you let me have some fun once in a while? I am, after all, not damaging your blog's reputation or something. This is my blog and all and today is, please note, Friday. 


Prashant Sree said...

Nice names, Nimmy. The names given to different buckets of people seemed interesting. The best is "duh uh eh". Quite a way of description. ;) uh eh ??

Nimmy said...

@Prashant: Duh, uh, eh? :-) I enjoy it when people respond to my nonsensical posts. So, extra thanks for that! ;-)

Yayaver said...

Bouncer for me !

Yayaver said...

Bouncer for me !

Nimmy said...

@Himanshu: :-) Relax...let it bounce off to a far away place! LoL