Monday, July 19, 2010

The Nothing Poem

Here's the terrible 'NOTHING' poem ready to unfold its intriguing story,
Giving you every bit of the details, both the noble and the gory!

Does Indifference really turn the corner when it meets Patience?
Or are we but simply staring at a huge bundle of inexplicable Nonsense?

Do we keep (expending energy) crossing many fearful oceans with all our might?
Or should we actually stop and wonder if anything at all is bright or right?

Picture Courtesy: Google Images

Are systems far too complex to understand and control?
Or should the people be blamed for allowing the system to take over and charge an unfair toll?

Is it worthwhile to create an imaginary world and wallow in its non-existent ideals?
Or is it better to put on a mask and fight the real one tooth and claw, however hideous?

Questions, questions and more questions, floating around in my adamant mind
Answers to which I realize, time and again, are extremely hard to find.

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