Monday, July 05, 2010


I did not really have any plans to write my autobiography despite realizing how much of a best-seller it is likely to be, the only simple condition being that the book be made available for free no cost whatsoever. But you know how unpredictable life is. Even a small event can thoroughly shake us up and force us to reconsider the most critical of our decisions. I've just been through something on those lines and now want to desperately start writing my autobiography and change the world for the better. There still is hope. 

I was attending a session on Innovation wherein the speaker put up a slide that spoke to me in a loud, clear and excited voice. It almost felt like I was seeing my life take on the form of a PPT slide and stare me in my face and give me the biggest of jitters. At that profound moment, I made up my mind to write my autobiography irrespective of whether I find any intelligent publisher who'd be ready to flood the book shops with it or not. The reason was very simple. Ask any author who has been through a major struggle trying to find an appropriate cover design for her book. I was, however, lucky. Even before I'd decided on writing my autobiography, I had found the perfect cover design for it! Hallelujah! They say a picture speaks a thousand words. A cartoon is perhaps a step ahead as it not only has a picture but also some extra words. Here it is. 

How does that look? Profound is a mild word to describe it. I'll have to of course buy the thing from Randy and pay a royalty every time my book is 'sold' but that can be arranged for if I decide to sell all the books I've purchased over the last 10 years or so. No, wait. A brainwave. A blinding flash of the obvious. I'd be lying if I say this cartoon is a personification of only my life. It is definitely a perfect representation of every Knowledge Manager's life. So, maybe I should make this a generic book on Knowledge Managers (and the profession of KM) and arrange for some income from various Knowledge Management communities across the globe for the wonderful publicity and subtle wake-up call to Organizations that take such an approach to KM initiatives. Yeah? If you happen to be a KM professional and would like me to insert a special chapter on your life and experiences in the book, get in touch. Conditions apply.

PS: Potential Titles: 
- The Life of a Knowledge Manager
- Free Knowledge Organizations
- I Love Knowledge, But I Can't Pay For It
- Hire a Knowledge Manager & Get Knowledge for Free
- The Sixth Discipline
- The Knowledge Illusion
- Zero Budget Knowledge
- Shoe String Knowledge Management

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