Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Conscience - Switch it ON Please

Some people happily disown their conscience and push it into the poorest of orphanages, eh? What is it that is so difficult about admitting mistakes, taking charge of your responsibilities, and being true to yourself? What makes a human conscience disappear in the first place? Is it parenting, schooling (or lack of it), how we respond to the world we see when we 'arrive' and establish a shaky foot-hold, or just the lack of a good soul for reasons beyond our understanding?

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Raj said...


Nimmy said...

@Raj: Gasp....How on Earth could I forget the FEAR factor altogether? Must knock me on my head. Hard. I am glad you decided to leave a comment, Raj. Come to think of it, I guess fear may even overtake the "need for ego-protection".