Friday, January 04, 2008

Please consider this an Imaginary Post

Ignore this post if you've something better to do. (But then, how will you know whether you have something better to do until after you read this post? ;) So, trust your instinct to make the decision)

When I see someone like you, I am reminded of you...
When I see someone unlike you, I still am reminded of you....I imagine it's you.
That's blah!
Maybe what I see is always a reflection of what's on my mind?
Which means I probably see you all the time because you're always on my mind?
So, do I conclude that you're an internal phenomenon and not an external entity?
In other words, you're an imaginary character!
So, I should, in effect, find it easy to stop thinking of you.....!
What a paradox!

If you didn't ignore the post, don't blame me. Blogging is a medium - in my perception - that doesn't give one the luxury of partial visibility. You get what you see. Wait a minute, I think I changed it. The original is What you see is what you get. :P


Voyager said...

what happened :-) Did something go wrong :-) after all those serious posts, suddenly this popped in :-)

Nimmy said...

the need for a change!!! the need to be silly!! the need to express myself...raw thoughts....!!! the need to not have to appear smart and intelligent all the time...!! :P well, i do get into phases wherein i feel like posting some nonsense - almost like it charges me up for something 'intellectual', let's see if there is a similie....remix? nice melodies interspaced with some nonsense that today's kids enjoy? :D actually, the truth is that i hate remixes!!!!!!!! ;)
happy weekend

Anjali said...

Nim I have to read beyond the lines ;).

Anjali said...

Nim I have to read beyond the lines ;).