Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Are you OOF or WOOF?

I made up something during an idle conversation with a friend, yesterday. A wise-crack, people sometimes call such things. Okay. Agreed. Maybe a not-so-wise-crack in this case. ;)

The friend had set her Out of Office Reply - OOF - on as she was in a marathon meeting. It just occurred to me that if dogs were to use Office Software, they'd rather call it WOOF. And if you're a person who is very particular about acronyms and would prefer that every alphabet does stand for something sensible, then WOOF could be Way Out of Office. What? If you're a dog-lover, I am sure you will not object to this post and will not label it as another one of those nonsensical posts. Woof! Woof! :-)

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Voyager said...

hAh-haH good one :-)