Monday, January 28, 2008


Reading this book over the weekend put me in a mood to pen this poem. The first four lines are directly inspired by the book. The rest just followed.

Close your eyes for a minute or two,
And explore the truth deep within you!
Discard the ego and all the negativity,
Hold on to your real spirit and creativity!

Optimism and hope never killed anyone...
They give you all the fuel required for life's run!
Love, laugh and learn everyday of your life,
And watch the dissolving sorrow and strife!
Accept and enjoy life as it comes...
Or do something to even out the humps!
Be a simple and happy soul...
Or reach out for that noble world-changing goal!

Wearing that nice smile on your face,
Will not only take you through every phase!
But transform the lives of people around you...
These are but simple things that form life's glue.
These are but some of life's sweet and simple clues,
For leading a life of purpose and many beautiful hues!


Voyager said...

beautiful poem nimmy. I usually try and follow most of it that you have penned here...and sure enough it makes a difference.

ushaprashanth said...

The poem is lovely!!!!!It sure leaves an imprint in the heart!

Nimmy said...

oops. sorry for such a late response. somehow missed it out. thanks gals. thanks a ton. happy you like it. :)