Friday, January 04, 2008

Fat Chance!

I jumped energetically into the bus and grinned around at the empty seats and chose one that seemed to be comfortable. As is the practice, I plugged into my iPOD almost immediately and looked out of the window while rejoicing about the prospect of having the two-seater to myself as the strength of the crowd seemed to be very thin that day. My joy was short-lived though.

As I sat nodding my head to a peppy number, a few stops later, a fat lady waded in and eyed the empty seat next to me and approached it with a determination that would have put a dog-after-a-cat to shame. True to the determined look on her face, she managed to squeeze herself into the available space thus taking the total count of the number of fat ladies on the seat to 2. (Err....let it be known that I am pretty self-critical in almost everything and that doesn't change even when it comes to assessing my weight....despite losing a few KGs in the recent past) Having cleared an important point, let me now proceed with the story. The fat lady (not me) then seemed to want to stretch her hands and also examine her purse at great length. So, I found myself seeing a third hand - elbow - entering my premises every now and then. I was beginning to get annoyed when she got off. I assure you that it had nothing to do with my expressions. I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked Nature for its little mercies.

But Nature had other ideas. Nature seemed to say "You don't want no fat ladies next to you? Huh! Fat chance!" Nature seemed to want to prove to me that it never runs out of stock when it comes to fat ladies. (Wonder why I was the target for such a thing! Maybe its all about kindness? ;)) So, in came another fat lady though a little less fat than the previous elbow-marauder. So, well, all I am trying to say here is that I had no dearth of fat ladies' company on my way back home that day. Who knows! Maybe they're saying the same thing on their blogs! Or maybe not! :P

Enough of playing around. I am expecting me to come up with a nice intellectual post next week. So, don't give up as yet. :)


RustyNeurons said...

:) now that was one helluva critical statement! (about fatladies) I guess one should not be so critical abt self...

Nimmy said...

:D haheeehhaaa that you've so generously given me a golden opportunity to communicate the truth to the whole world....errr....friends, romans and country-men....actually i am somewhat thin....if not quite think! amen! ;)