Friday, January 25, 2008

A New Earth...

Reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth now. Thought-provoking or maybe I should say awareness-provoking. Covered a couple of chapters so far. Plan to share passages that appeal to me once I finish the book. It is likely to shake you up a little even if you're the kind who is somewhat exposed to spiritual writings.


shweta said...

Hey Nimmy,

I am a final year student of journalism and i am doing a research on the blogging revolution. As you are a blog writer, i would like you to fill up a questionnaire for me which would help me in my project work.


Muthu said...

Dear Ms.Nimmy,
It is a big surprise that I can connect with you and hope you are the same person I met 25 years ago . a couple of times with Uday and Maria Arulraf of XLRI (then working at TI Cyclesand I was a Trainee Engineer ) and many times at Sunitha Bhanus house. I am Nadi and was even there for your send off when you left for further studies at Temple University. I met Baby aunty a couple of months ago and she told me that you live in Bangalore .
I happened to read your blog when I put book reviews in Google search.
I am presently heading a foundry in NRW region of Germany and I will go through your blog especially on ideation.Ideation is one of my strengths reinforced with my test on "Now discover your strengths".
Look forward to your blogs.

Anonymous said...

As I read "A New Earth" I tried to find real life examples of his teaching. On acceptance I thought about wildlife to make the connection - When a zebra survives the vicious attack of a lion, does it blame the lion for its ill fortune, does it hate the lion or want to get even with the lion. No. The zebra simply accepts the lion for what it is.

Nimmy said...

Thank you for that comment, Anonymous. I guess it all boils down to doing your best but accepting things outside of your control....for a peaceful existence.