Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tongue in Chick!

Saw this board put up outside a chicken shop that showed a grinning hen dressed in a chef’s attire (apron, hat, knife et al). What a tongue in cheek advertisement, I thought! It sort of troubled me, I must say.  (With due apologies for making this satirical remark myself, it occurred to me that it can perhaps be called a tongue in chick advertisement in this particular case!). While on this topic, I have a feeling (from what I see and hear these days) that many people are turning to vegetarianism and that’s great news according to me! :-)


Vijay said...

I am only concerned that India follows, what West does. And West Follows what GOOD India has followed. Just hoping India doesn't lose it's mark in these efforts. Vegetarianism is one amongst them too, I feel

Good thought :)

Nimmy said...

Virtuous circle, eh, Vijay!? :)
Will the East Asians follow suit???