Friday, January 27, 2006 - Blogging is latest tool for IBM - Blogging is latest tool for IBM

Of special interest to me in this article are the following statements: :-)
"For example, McDonald's hired iUpload to develop a blogging platform on its intranet as an avenue to exchange ideas. "Internal blogs are becoming knowledge repositories," Hopper said."

"For instance, Robert Scoble, who writes the "Scobleizer" blog for Microsoft, has mitigated some of the hatred directed at the software giant by talking candidly about the company's faults, Sifry said."

What about criticizing IBM? That's OK, too, Barger said.
He said the proof came just two weeks after the initiative started when an employee blasted the company's falling stock price and recent layoffs in her blog. The post received 1,200 views by noon. Instead of chastising the employee, Barger posted a comment on her blog that thanked her for her candor, acknowledged some of her points and challenged her logic where he felt it was flawed. "This is a new medium with new rules. A lot of folks aren't used to the idea of candor being OK," Barger said. "Now, we're saying it's OK to share your opinions." The employee gets heard, and the company also learns what people are thinking.
Bottom Line? Methinks only mature organizations can take to blogging...!

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Sarita Shekhar said...

And may I add, mature people as well :)

I so agree with the fact that blogging is the mechanism where one gets to talk to oneself, by pleasing our originality and perhaps sometimes rebelling from our alter-ego :)