Wednesday, January 25, 2006

As Complex As Life Can Get...

I am now reading a paper in which I do not know the meaning of almost every third word. The subject of the paper is in no way related to English literature and vocabulary, by the way. I wonder why some authors make it so difficult for people to understand them! Even simple words don’t guarantee a 100% transmission of the intentions and actual thoughts of the communicator and here are these authors who undoubtedly seem to be looking to reduce the average transmission levels by 100%. Do you see the influence? Whew! The truth is that I detest such papers. Storytelling, where art thou?  

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Sarita Shekhar said...

Yes, the built-up-complexity up is a reflection of shallowness. These folks actually have the thesaurus next to them, and either map each word they think to a 'big word' in the big book, or complexify the simple words.

I did that at school in my hindi exam once, to make an essay impressive and got a zero for my 'efforts' :)