Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I’ve come across a few occasions involving lost mobiles – situations where mobiles have been left forgotten in public places like reception areas, cafeterias etc. On most of the occasions I was involved in people who found the mobile struggled to find out whose mobile it was. You can’t figure out the mobile number (Isn’t this strange? Are the Mobile manufacturers and service providers listening?) and neither can you find out the name of the owner of the mobile without getting in touch with at least one of the ‘contacts’ mentioned in the mobile! The most common act is to call one of the numbers in the Contacts List and ask the person called as to whose mobile he was receiving the call from. It goes without saying that it isn’t too easy to explain what has happened most of the time as the person being called is likely to immediately break into chitchat attributable to the relationship that the two parties being discussed share. I do have a roundabout way of dealing with this kind of a situation – I’ve got this entry in my mobile which says – This Phone # and also <My name> - Me. There are many other similar entries that one could include like:


µ       I, Me, Myself

µ       My Number

µ       This Phone #

µ       This Mobile

µ       <Your Name> - That’s Me

µ       My Residence

µ       Please call


If the person locating your phone cares to browse through the complete contacts list, she may end up figuring out your name and number (residence as well as the mobile itself). It may then be easier to get to you.


Any other method that you know of to return mobiles to their rightful owners?  Tring Tring.  

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