Wednesday, January 25, 2006

China Inc; India Inc - The Largest Organizations on Earth...

An article that I read a few days ago triggered off the following thoughts - It goes without saying that large companies have their inevitable set of problems and challenges that accompany complexity. But the best part about such companies is that cruising through these complexities would be easily offset by focusing on the employees and leveraging on their intellectual resources. In fact, that’s the only way to cross those chasms of complexity. That’s why, I believe, Knowledge Management is critical. Without proper KM strategies and practices/systems, the complexities can only get worse. What’s more, even if the complexities are overcome by hook or crook (read short-term tactics), absence of KM thinking will mean that the organization will lose out on various potential opportunities for expanding business and becoming more efficient.

It is interesting to think that the whole business of outsourcing is perhaps a KM story for China Inc and India Inc are simply putting their vast intellectual resources pool to use and leveraging on it, contributing to global efficiency and effectiveness in the process. One conclusion that can be directly drawn from this example is that KM would be especially essential for large organizations….

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