Monday, March 23, 2009

Who'll Bell the Cat?

Hear! Hear! Who'll bell the cat? has been a million dollar question for centuries now. Ever since some mice got together and wondered how to steal food without the cat's knowledge, I'd imagine. I am not sure anyone ever answered this question without scaring/challenging at least one person amongst the group discussing the problem, if you get the drift. But I came across a novel solution this weekend. A solution that makes the cat go Me? Ow?! instead of Meow! ;-) Not for the cat's ears.

So...what's this novel solution all about? It's something paradoxical. (Yours truly has been a bit lax in catching up with cartoons of late. But there was a nice opportunity that came by this weekend and I grabbed it. Not for nothing.) Paradoxical thinking on the part of Jerry's baby-student in the world's favorite Cat and Mouse cartoon show - Tom and Jerry! Jerry's baby-student has been sent to Jerry to learn the basics of survival but, ironically, ends up teaching Jerry a thing or two. The little mouse is still in his diaper days but has a razor-sharp brain and thinks in radically different ways much to Jerry's embarrassment and shame. So...when Jerry goes to great lengths to teach him 'how to bell the cat' with Tom as the subject, here's what Jerry's little student does. He puts the bell in a box, gift wraps it and simply walks up to Tom and hands it over to him as a gift. Voila! Tom goes, like I said earlier, For me? ow! and is all smiles as he opens the 'gift'. A few seconds later, Tom is happily sporting the bell around his neck. Squeal! :-)

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