Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Change Management = Made to Stick+Tipping Point

Here's an interesting post that brings together E 2.0, the curse of knowledge, evangelization and the 'Made to Stick' concepts. Thought I'd link it up here as it reminds me of my own pet concept of communicating something via a catchy acronym (or tag line) apart from reflecting some of my personal experiences on what constitutes a 'sticky' idea.

Extract from the post which in turn must be an extract from the book, 'Made to Stick':

Made to Stick: Ideas that are successful follow the SUCCES acronym..

Simple — find the core of any idea. Focus on that
Unexpected — grab people's attention by surprising them
Concrete — make sure an idea is real and not to
o theoretical
Credibility — give an idea believability allow people to test it themselves.
Emotion — help people see the importance of an idea by tapping emotions
Stories — Stories are great ways to achieve all above

Coincidentally, I've been pondering over these things of late as you can observe from some of my recent musings on twitter...(read bottom-up)

And, finally, I am convinced that these ideas when combined with the Tipping Point concepts will form a significant force in any Change Management initiative. I have been playing around with these ideas for a bit and, going forward, would love to carve a 'story' out of my experiences. Let's see where it goes...! :-)

I am quite convinced that Made to Stick and Tipping Point are two books that provide an immense amount of raw material for anyone wanting to embark on a Change Management initiative.


R.K. said...

I didn't expect this combination of "Made to Stick" and "Tipping Point".

This was "Unexpected" from "U" ;) :) :) :)

Andrew said...

Great post, great post source, and great books. I posted a similar comment on the referenced blog; that introducing any change requires good communication and lots of communication, but timing and context are also important. I might break this down in to a few phases where "sticky" messages might be crafted and pushed:

1. Understanding - helping people to understand the need for a new network. This can be done by highlighting opportunities or by highlighting problems with the old way.

2. Envisage - communicate the vision for the application.

3. Motivate - communications that will create a sense of urgency and appetite for adopting the new.

4. Consolidate - celebrate successes and communicate other metrics of new initiative.

Who to push these messages to and how to customize them can depend on some stakeholder mapping and other Gladwellian concepts.


Nimmy said...

Hello R.K - Thanks for the comment! :-) Actually, you know what? Come to think of it, Made to Stick was apparently inspired by the Tipping Point..!

Andrew: Thank you for the comment and welcome here! Though I was excited by the idea of the post, I think I did not spend enough time on it. There's so much more intellectual meat to chew on this one. I love your list...makes a lot of sense! Thanks for adding to my perspective! I just discovered another article from HBR on Change Management....will link that up soon.