Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grattitude...(Gratitude + Attitude)

Thanks to R.K for this sweet little award! [Sorry for the delay in putting up this post, RK! I needed some time to nominate others for this award!] Irrespective of how much of an introvert one happens to be, it is always deeply satisfying when one is recognized and acknowledged - in this case, because of one's writings. This award is supposed to be for blogs that show great Attitude or Gratitude or both....! And here are my nominations and they are in no particular order! :-) But, unfortunately, many of the folks in this list don't blog too often :-(

  • Prashant (Full of gratitude....and noble ideas and thoughts!)
  • Rakesh (He's got a mind of his own. That means an attitude of sorts)
  • Asal Tamizh Penn (What a typical South-Indian attitude!)
  • The Director's Blog (Attitude, I say)
  • Krish (Epitome of Attitude)
  • Bengalooru Banter (Attitude, Attitude, Attitude...Think Local, Act Global)
  • Sarita (A friend with a unique attitude towards life)
  • Lakshmi (Gratitude for life...nature)
  • Global-Thought (Immense gratitude for life and the capacity to inspire anyone who drops in!)
Thanks once again for the award, RK! :-)


sukumar said...

Congrats on your sweet triple award. Nice to see you recognizing other bloggers. Keep up the great work.

Nimmy said...

Thank you, Sukumar! :-) Sometimes I go mad wondering whether I'll ever be able to catch up with all the wisdom that floats around in blogosphere! Can't stop being stunned by some of the blogs I happen to discover now and then!

krishashok said...

Thank you very much no mention

Afterdark said...

Thanks so much Nimmy. I am one amongst that list of not blogging too often. But this award might spur me. It is so nice of you to have added me in the list.


Nimmy said...

Krish! Blog on! :-)

Afterdark! My pleasure. I definitely think you belong to this list...! And yes, let's hope you find it motivating enough to blog more often! :-)

Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

oh thanks soo much for my very first blogging award ever!! it was so positively sweet of you!!

Nimmy said...

Great to know I am partly responsible for your blog receiving its first ever award, Lakshmi! :-) Feels good to pass on an award that you definitely deserve! Your gratitude for life is something I can relate I couldn't have forgotten to include you in this list.

Bikerdude said...

Many minny tanques I say :)

Nimmy said...

Arre....Bikerdude-aa??!! My pleasure, I say! This award must have been invented for people like you, I say! :-)

Prashant Sree said...

Thank You Nimmy. I appreciate the payback :)

Nimmy said...

Hey Prashant,
Welcome...and is not "payback" ;-) - It comes to you ONLY because you deserve it...!