Sunday, March 15, 2009


If you have a noble purpose, - especially something that is for a collective benefit - great values, immense strength, undying grit and determination, a burning passion, and divine faith, you can afford to dream of the 'impossible'......for there is absolutely nothing on Earth that you cannot achieve. Miracles begin to look ordinary.

Look behind every miracle, and you are likely to find the very same recipe...the very same ingredients mentioned above. But is it enough to just know and be convinced about the ingredients and recipe? Does knowledge of the recipe per se guarantee miracles? There must be a mysterious reason why there aren't many miracle generators....! Maybe the answer lies in the make-up of our souls...or - if we consider all souls to be equally divine and have equal potential - perhaps the soul searching that we engage in.

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Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Inner-Strength, Honesty, Focus is helpful to make miracles looks easy. And Luck is utmost important.
And above all - Destiny.

Nimmy said...

Hobo...I am inclined to believe that luck and destiny are not things that we must expect to come on their own...but this that will ensue as a result of our values, strength, purpose and attitude! :-)