Monday, March 23, 2009

Rambling - Ideal vs Real

I read the first chapter of Uncommon Wisdom with a lot of excitement yesterday. Lots of interesting and intriguing stuff in it for folks interested in exploring the link between science and spirituality - especially the eastern outlook. As I read it, something not so directly related to what I was reading struck me.....and I want to post it here.

The author speaks about how he went around collecting feedback from fellow scientists about his ideas and thoughts and what exactly some of the latter said. Suddenly, it struck me - not for the first time, though - that the consequences of dishonest communication is much more than many of us imagine it to be like. The implications are severe and long-term in nature. It might have very well, cumulatively, caused much of the disorientation, disorder and disquiet we see in the world today and I don't think I am exaggerating. Think about it. Every single time - however small or big the context may be- we are dishonest or even silent (uncommunicative) we contribute to the creation of a false world because we contribute to false perceptions and interpretations. We contribute to the widening of the gap between the 'idealistic' and the so-called 'real' world - The way the world may have been with everyone being genuine versus the mind-boggling chaos due to falsehood, respectively. Arguably, being genuine actually creates an idealistic world despite its inherent chaos - a world that gives one a better chance of being understood and responded to in an appropriate manner. When people say "Get real", they are, of course, talking about accounting for falsehood apart from uncertainty. Beyond all this, obviously, one also has to account for the inevitable noise that accompanies both genuineness and falsehood.

I guess I am rambling but happy as long as it sounds like genuine rambling! I can almost hear you say that it is perhaps this kind of babbling that contributes most to the inevitable noise I referred to above! LoL! :-)

PS: What the hell am I talking? I know...and yet don't know.


Jackfruit said...

"dishonest or even silent (uncommunicative)"
Is being silent being dishonest ... I have been thinking about this for long :D:P

Nimmy said...

hey Ajeesh..!
H'mm. I guess it definitely is equivalent to being dishonest at times...considering that what you say can change things for the better and you know it!! like they say, if you aren't doing anything, you are part of the problem.! also, there is so much to the way in which we communicate as well..including the tone, context, timing etc. come to think of it, life is so complex, eh?!

wake_up_then_walk said...

We contribute to the widening of the gap between the 'idealistic' and the so-called 'real' world

Nimmy....are you sure it was designed for the gap to be filled.

Nimmy said...

Rakesh! You are a marvel! You make me tax my weak little brain and consider things I've never thought of. Was it designed for the gap to be filled? I can only think of another question in response to your question! A question for a question! Was it *designed* at all in the first place? I there a plan or not? If there is no design...then I guess there are no answers to my original set of musings. If there is....then what? As usual, I am throwing it back to you to find out more..! :-P

wake_up_then_walk said...

Designed- Yes

For your answers....

Beyond the realm of the real and the ideal, there is a plane. Meet me there.
(adapted from Rumi)

May Grace be upon you

Nimmy said...

Thank you for responding to that vague comment of mine, Rakesh. The Rumi quote sounds profound...but I am not sure I understand it fully. My immediate thought - triggered off by the quote - is the need for going beyond "thoughts" and looking into the spiritual dimension. What is your interpretation of it?

wake_up_then_walk said...

It's that and more.

The good is not as good as it seems and neither the worst of evil as bad. Things exist because they were meant to be.

Nimmy said...

While I think I understand where you're coming from...and the benefits associated with such a philosophy....I still can't help wondering whether we are responsible for the "mess" we live in and could have created a different sort of world had we been 'better' human beings...! Is everything meant to be?? I feel humble and ignorant in front of that question!

wake_up_then_walk said...

I too am as far from the answer to that question as the longest pole to the farthest galaxy.

Thanx for the nomination.

And i wasn't giving any clear cut answers because i didn't want to add my ignorance to yours. You have to be very careful with philosophy, one wrong move and you are gone. Lets think about it a little more and then touch base.

Nimmy said...

:-) Okie dokie! Isn't it amusing that sometimes ignorance and ignorance might actually add up to some knowledge? he he..
Will let this topic play at the back of my assured you'd be the first person I'll come to, to discuss it...! happy weekend!