Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ready, Steady, Start!!

A new start is just what you need
If you want to learn something about speed
Covering the new path from start to finish
Involves not letting past learnings diminish
And yet thinking of creative ways to accomplish
All that needs to be done....with relish

A new world means new dreams, oh! swell
And yes, revival of some old ones as well
New challenges strengthen your qualities
And hopefully reduce your oddities
It brings a powerful lesson in adaptation
And the blessing of proving yourself on one more occasion

A new start is just what you need
If you want to sow many a new seed
And also embrace change indeed


Alok said...

so does it mean a new adventure 9a new job might be) in ur life as well nimmy .. congratulations if it


Nimmy said...

thanks so much, alok!! :) yes indeed....i am joining a new organization! looking forward to a new and exciting experience...!! :)
how's life in singapore?