Monday, November 26, 2007

Crossing the Road

Children never cease to amaze me. So much so that I'd rather remain 'invisible' in their presence and enjoy their intelligence, wit, and sense of humor and also step out of their way at times lest they express themselves in their inimitable, nonchalant and sometimes unintentionally insulting ways. ;) Anyways, this is a story I'll never be bored of sharing with people who share my thoughts.

A nephew (10-year old) and I were on our way to his library (in Hyderabad) and had to cross an amazingly busy road to get there. We had to wait quite a while before we got to the other end of the, when we made it, I sighed in relief and looked at him and said with a smile "Yeah! We made it!". In response, he started giggling and I decided to ask him why he found it so funny. If you're not a kid yourself, you'll probably never guess what his response was unless I tell you. :) He said "Remember, we'll have to cross this road again to get back home!". I was too zapped to even laugh my natural laugh. I probably sounded like a member of a chorus laughter team.

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