Thursday, December 06, 2007

Being Different...!

Thoughts that popped into my mind this morning. Interesting....

Most of us have heard about the eagle that grew up with hens and therefore believed that it wouldn't be able to fly like the eagles while at the same time wishing that it could - not knowing that it very well could if only it attempted to. Nice story. Made an impact on me. It just occurred to me that the situation in many organizations are no different. When a person gets into an organization and aligns with its culture, she probably forgets her natural ways and follows the bigger entities (division/region/organization). If only she looks inward and introspects on her own strengths and what she is capable of/what she can change in the organization for the better/how she can contribute to the organization for its betterment etc, things may be quite different in many organizations. But this involves a struggle and the employee needs to be ready to do what it takes - stand alone at times, be confident, have faith and be patient. Easier said than done. Reminds me of Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull. What a fabulous and inspiring story of one bird that knew its true potential!

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