Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Power of Us

Collective thinking. Collaboration. Terms used loosely more often than not. Produces best results only when people understand that everyone who participates could potentially contribute to a significant extent. How effective each participant's contribution is in reality often depends on the people dynamics within the team. It is up to each person in the team to make it possible for the others to do their best. Appreciation, encouragement, acknowledgement, sincere effort to understand counter points, absence of blame games, absence of self-promotion, absence of demeaning others' efforts & intentions.....these are what will make a collaborative effort worth it. An effort to educate participants about the power of collective effort followed by a true attempt to make it easy for everyone to participate and contribute can make a lot of difference to the outcome. We need people who are not just passionate and dedicated but also make an effort to understand the big picture, strive for mutual benefits and are true to their conscience.


praveen said...

all points r true...but hw can we make a team member who s not collaborative? hw to deal wid him?

Deepti said...

HI Praveen. there is always 50% not collaborative, 20% who don't know which party they want to be with (and will go where the wind blows) , 10% to whom the team dynamics dosent matter and the rest who really are the soul, crux, dedicated, focussed on the job group. They pull it through, while the rest create unrest or just simply watch.

Nimmy said...

Hey Deepti, your response to praveen is so very insightful!
I shall take a stab at answering how we could make people collaborate...i do agree with Deepti that there will always be a certain set of people who might not have what it takes to be collaborative, but I guess with sincere and smart attempts, such people could be converted...success stories, leading by example, inspiring communication, team-based rewards etc would be starting points.