Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yawn Yarn

Just imagined something amusing. Hasn’t happened to me or to someone else in my presence, but I am sure it is something quite likely to happen. Why not? Imagine two people arguing seriously about something – the scene is that of a heated debate – and suddenly one of the entities yawns (like the dickens) due to lack of sleep or lack of oxygen or lack of whatever because of which yawns are believed to be generated/produced. What is your take on the likely consequences? “Fire extinguished by water” situation? “How dare you?” situation? “Hey, wait a minute. Why are we fighting?” situation? “Hahahaha” situation?

Strange post, I agree.


praveen said...


Hari said...

Chanced upon your blog... not much of a blogger myself, but the interests and the content sort of slapped me and demanded that I notice it - C&H, PGW, KM and so many other things :) Cant be true :)
About this particular situation, actually saw this happen in Ladakh a week back (due to lack of Oxygen). 2 of my friends arguing like crazy about the problems that India faces and one of them was really yawning.... but the other guy did not notice (unfortunately). Was LoL for me though !!!!

Nimmy said...

jill of all trades, master of none...but striving to be a master of KM....that's me, hari ;-)

cool to know my figment of imagination is not really limited to my imagination! :D