Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Equation of Love; Love = Love1+Love2

W. Somerset Maugham - "There's always one who loves and one who lets himself be loved."

For some unarticulateable reason, this quote strikes a nice chord in me. Come to think of it, is it possible to love someone who does not want to be loved? If so, will such a love last long?

God, it is said, responds only to love and nothing else. The power of love, truly, is such that it can melt a rock, move a mountain, transform the world....provided it is unconditional. When one receives true love well, I assume that there's bound to be more love coming one's way....I am convinced that's the way God 'operates'...when you trust Him and receive His love, He gives you more...!
It works the other way around too...when someone receives your love well, you're bound to dole out more...


vinod said...

hope u r in singapore , my no is 92239694. If u find time call me - we can meet up here !!

Nimmy said...

hey V! :) I am in the US of A. Singapore was a transit stop. I'll be once again passing Singapore on my way back. Will call you from the Airport. :) take care

Hari said...

Have been thinking about the all important Qn - Who Am I!!!
Some time ago my sis was asked this question and she asked me to help her out. My response was
"'I' am a figment of my fertile imagination". But thinking more on this lines... one standard thought process is .... (here goes)
We generally say that these legs are 'mine'... or that these hands which with I am typing are 'mine'... but they are not 'ME'. So who is this 'Me'? The same holds for the heart and the brain. So where does this 'I' come from? Is it completely 'My' imagination? Or is there really something called 'Me'?
Me know not!!!

Nimmy said...

hi hari, welcome to aa..ha! your response is interesting! :)
well, i do not claim to be an enlightened person, but i can tell you that the hindu philosophy says you are your soul as opposed to your body or are thus immortal. it is just that you leave your body some day...not easy to understand and experience for most of us.... :( the quest shall continue!

Hari said...

Thanks for the response.

I was google-ing for some KM stuff and happened to hit your site, but this is KM in its true sense, I suppose :)
Anyway, about your comment on the soul and Hindu phil - I concur (on the soul being immortal and on the concept being a tight knot). Doesn't it make our death so much less scary?

SNP said...

Swami Vivekananda on the occassion of his address to the parliament of religions (19/09/1893), quoted vedas and said thus

"Here i stand and i shut my eyes and try to convince my existance, "I", what is the idea before me? The idea of a body. Am I, then, nothing but a combination of material substances? The vedas declare "No". I am a spirit living in a body. I am not eht body. The body will die, but i shall not die. Here am i in this body; it will fall, but i shall go on living. I had also a past. The sould was not created, for creation means a combination which means a certain dissolution. If then the soul was created, it must die."

Nothing better will ever answer the question of who am i, i must admit.

Nimmy said...

thanks a ton for leaving this wonderful comment, SNP! :) i love Swami's words and they never fail to inspire me

will be visiting your blog often as you seem to be into KM! what do you do?

Hari said...

SNP - Nice post. You are right, answers the qn very well.

SNP said...

I feel we have just scratched the surface in terms of the wisdon that is hidden in all thease readings. Thanks, Nimmy and hari, for the kind words. I am a IT project manager working in Muscat.