Monday, September 03, 2007

Daffy Defective - A Biography

Parts of this poem just poured out of my mind but I had to wait quite a while for the whole thing to come together......end of the day, I feel so happy for Daffy! :)
I put pen to the paper and waited for the words to flow…
Because the story of Daffy I thought people ought to know!
There was a place called Boxes Limited in Timbuktu,
The fact that they made boxes with things in them was quite true!

The boxes were all very excited about their content,
For they thought the content led them to their life’s intent!
One by one they passed through the process of filling creation,
And spent their new life in excited celebration!
But there are exceptions for every rule in nature,
Amidst these was a box that came out empty and differed in stature!

Boxes Limited named the box Daffy Defective,
And about Daffy, the Boxes Limited CEO soon got reflective!
Daffy did not fit into the world of Boxes Limited
He was the odd one out and would surely be inhibited!
The other boxes did not accept Daffy as one of their own…
They mostly ignored him and left him all alone!

Daffy, meanwhile, wondered the reason why he was empty!
Was his fate pathetic obscurity or surprising celebrity?
Was he definitely defective or interestingly unique?
How was he to find out and his purpose in life, seek?
Daffy sometimes wanted to be just like the others were,
But sometimes felt it was good to be different and not care!

Slowly but surely, the other boxes found their so-called goal,
Some were gifted, some were stolen and some were sold.
Daffy stayed on and watched them from a secluded corner,
Feeling really happy for the boxes that received true honor.
The CEO though decided to show Daffy the way out,
So Daffy found himself abandoned, his life in doubt!

It was when Daffy lost all hopes and almost gave up…
That a little boy, passing by, casually picked him up!
And decided to put into Daffy, whatever was precious in his view,
So, Daffy’s life suddenly became eclectic and took on a different hue.
Variety became the spice of his new life…
And Daffy soon forgot his erstwhile strife!

Daffy protected exquisite sea-shells, colorful toys and what not…
He had nothing he could call his own and yet had a lot!
He became the box that could hold anything whatsoever…
And thus brought joy to a small boy who held him with fervor!!


Paultera135 said...


Alok said...

u ought to be pleased with this nimmy as u rightly said ... i loved the way u crafted the meters that made reading so amiable ... also liked the narrative a lot ...

brilliantly done ... 3 cheers


Nimmy said...

hey alok! :)
thanks a are so prompt and regular in providin encouragement! you'd certainly be a good manager ;) :P

Nimmy said...

hi paultera!
thanks so much! :) the word 'sweet' sounds like music to my ears... ;)

Evolving Ideas said...

It's beautiful & metaphorical in all sorts of ways! Loved reading it.

Nimmy said...

thanks a ton, astha! :)
glad to have struck a chord or two..! :)