Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yet another paradox

I love watching quiz programmes and have always seen the conventional ones that are run by a quiz master who poses all the questions and gives away the award to the one who gets the maximum number of answers right. But someone applied paradox thinking on the concept of quiz games. Any guesses on what that could have resulted in? Imagine the 'quiz master' answering 'questions' /arriving at an answer? Sounds ridiculous? It first... :D

Vijay TV airs a programme called Grand Master wherein he gets common people as well as celebrities to participate in his show. The game is for the participant (one at a time) to think of a celebrity and then answer a maximum of 20 odd questions by choosing a yes/no/don't know till the quiz master discovers who the participant is thinking about. Now, this may be an old game that we've all played in school - Who's that - but it is the first time that I have watched such a professional programme on TV....and I love it.

Paradox thinking is cool! :)

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