Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Calvin's Paradox

There are paradoxes everywhere. Here are two paradoxes I “discovered” today! :)

One of them was in today’s Calvin & Hobbes subscription strip….

Calvin (screaming aloud): “I am in a crabby mood, so everybody just leave me alone! I hate everyone!”

Goes around with a grumpy face in the next scene. Then looks around with a surprised expression.

Then, says: “Nobody recognizes my hints to smother me with affection”.

End of strip.

Isn’t that true? A lot many times, we claim to want to be alone but are actually looking for a kind soul that will make life easier!

Another in a joke I heard long ago…in Tamil…..translating it into English here….may sound silly…but serves my purpose and demonstrates paradox thinking! ;D

Patient: “Doctor, my eye hurts….it’s been so for a long time but I am confused….there seems to be no sign of a wound or anything else that could cause it to hurt”

Doctor: “What have you been doing? Rubbing it a lot?”

Patient: “Yes….!” and then shows what he’s been doing….(rubs his eye with his right hand index finger)

After a pause….Doctor: “Ok. I know what your problem is. It’s not with the eye. It’s with your finger.”

And then points out a wound on the patient’s index finger!

LoL :D

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