Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hobbes - Alter Ego

Mmmmm. As I recall some of the Calvin and Hobbes strips where Calvin has some of those profound questions for Hobbes, his alter ego, and how Hobbes either responds with a snappy but thoughtful answer or both of them leave it as it is – an unanswered but pondered-over question. I think it would be wonderful for each one of us to find out who the Hobbes in our lives is. It could be our own selves in many cases. We may perhaps need some tools that help us communicate with our inner voice. I have come to believe that a diary (blog in today’s world) could play the role of Hobbes. Just like Hobbes, the blog may be no more than a stuffed page for the outside world but to the blogger (Calvin in the case of Hobbes), it is no less than a live and intelligent companion that joins one’s exploits as much as one’s introspective journeys into life.

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