Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Winners All? Losers All?

While watching a dance competition-based programme on TV last week, the team that lost in it broke down. And my mom said "Nobody likes to lose!".....A simple statement that is obvious and one that is stated in more ways than one....but it got me thinking on that particular occasion.

Some of the sports events like Tennis, Cricket etc sometimes show the losing team/person saying things like...."Playing is more important"....or "We are/I am glad we/I lost to a better team/person"...."I enjoyed the game even though I did not win" etc etc....but how many of us really are detached enough to not mind losing?

The book that I am reading on Tao says that losing is not about the other person winning!....Meaning....just beccause the other person has doesn't mean you've is winning...but one has to admit that sports events are no events to take this philosophy into consideration. The world of sports is ruthless....

Coming back to the statement that "Nobody likes to lose"....I think this is simple but profound...If one is ready to 'lose' and accept 'defeat' life will be a lot more enjoyable and peaceful. What?

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