Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Managing Google's Idea Factory

Managing Google's Idea Factory
Cool! Innovation through KM. Come on, I can't take off my KM go(o)ggles, can I. It has become an extension of much as the glasses I wear for short-sight. :)

And........talking of Google and Innovation, here's another thing I was thinking about.....

Let’s take one or more of India’s top IT organizations. They earn a little more than a billion dollars a year (as of 2004). On the other hand, let’s take - one of my favourite organizations – Google. Note: If Google isn’t an innovator, then I don’t know an innovator when I ‘see’ one. They (Google) make more than three times the money that any of the IT organization’s I refer to makes, with as little as one tenth of the workforce of the latter! Add to that the fact that the end-users of Google products/services don’t even have to ‘buy’ it from the organization!! That, to me, is the power of innovation.

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