Monday, September 19, 2005

Blogs for Retailers - Passing Thoughts

I have had this thought for some time now – in the case of service-oriented companies such as retailers, blogs by customer-facing employees who make it a point to talk about their good and bad experiences from which the rest of the organization can learn lessons on customer satisfaction and complaints will be truly useful. Ultimately, a well-defined and designed system will even lead to effective business analytics. Such blogs can of course be subscribed to by employees across the organization and smart subscriptions and tags will help filter the more useful of the posts. Looking at these blogs from the other angle, if these blogs are on the public network and are visited by customers and prospect customers who care to leave their comments and thoughts behind, it will make a huge difference, provided the organization is ready to pick up subtle messages and obvious complaints. The network effect as known in the marketing world can also be put to good work here!!!

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