Monday, September 05, 2005

Blog Checking...1,2,3...

Okay. It’s time I did this. A reality check. Courtesy: Raj. I was running through Raj’s blog and read this post where he says he decided to remove one of the topics mentioned under his blog title that he had initially thought he might harp about but eventually ended up sort of ignoring. When I created my blog more than a year ago, I decided that I’d mention all the subjects that I am interested in because I knew I’d be inclined to talk about them at one time or the other. Even though there were previous occasions when I had looked at my blog and felt that I’d mentioned so many areas of interest that it would have been practically difficult for anyone, let alone me, to do justice to all of them. I’ve touched upon all the topics that I’ve mentioned under my blog title, but then, that’s in no way good enough to warrant a subscription by a person obsessed with, say, an area that is “almost-ignored”/”less-spoken-about” by me.

Okay…so, what did I say I’d be talking about on my blog?

The Subjects - Life, Spirituality, Knowledge Management (KM), Creativity, Innovation, Leadership, Branding & Advertising, Books, People, Learning, Music, Poetry, Animals, Birds, Philosophy, Mysticism, Paradoxes, Comics, Change Management, Culture, Travel, and Cartoons

And what do I really talk about more often than not? Under-promise and over-deliver is the mantra these days. [Which reminds me….I watched a recent interview of CNBC with Narayan Murthy and Nandan Nilekani - hosted by Shreen Bhan (smart lady, this one…right?). And while on the topic of ethics, and organizations following a passion/ideal rather than making money, I’d like to recount what Nandan said in this interview….”….we followed our passion and just happened to make some money on the way….”. I don’t know if it was a put on, but assuming it was 100% real, I love that attitude.]

Okay…..rewind… going by the under-promise mantra, let me see what I talk about more often than the rest….maybe I should actually leverage on the situation and also use it to narrow down my focus to a few areas…[Will someone stand up and knock some sense into my head please? How do I concentrate on a maximum of one/two things? Sigh!]

Going by my current ‘phase’ - I often talk about the following:

- life, spirituality, KM, philosophy

I occasionally talk about:

- creativity, innovation, leadership, branding, paradoxes, books, people

I don’t so often talk about:

- poetry, change management, culture, travel, cartoons, learning, music, animals, birds, mysticism, comics etc

Reality check done! Roger out! Blog subtitles shall be corrected for now! :)
And…..this exercise has prompted me to do another reality check exercise of sorts. That of stock-taking of my life! What do I want to do? What am I doing? What do I need to change to get on to the right track/walk faster? But that’s another post….

I would have digressed too much had I spoken about this while recounting Nandan’s statement. Now that I’ve said everything I wanted to about my original post, let me also talk about another Infy philosophy which if followed in reality will be a great thing– “Debate, Ideate and Implement”. I thought it was a very nice and simple philosophy that reflects KM in its heart (head?) as regards the first step – that of debating…


Raj said...

There was a reason, ma, for ignoring that topic. Couldn't write about PM without mentioning something about my work and I did not want to get into any sort of tangle discussing projects/issues in an open forum. So that's the reason.

Sarita Shekhar said...

Hey Nimmu, even if you don't talk about poetry, I guess you write really good poems. So this does greater justice to the subject, than the subject itself :)

Veerapathiran said...

oops..people are really serious about what they write in blog..OMG! not me though..(some body shouts at me 'do you blog in the first place?')

Naan sollurathaithan seiven..seirathatahi than solluven..
(it was tough writing this thangalish, so if you cant read this, hard luck)..