Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Do you fit life's bill?

When life goes uphill
Just chill chill, just chill !
And, when it goes downhill,
Remember that it is but a sweet pill !
Life can never ever kill...
If you fit its bill !
And that’s to be still...
Come sorrow, come thrill !
One never ought to (mentally) feel ill ,
For, giving in can, in the heart, bore a drill !
If only one strives to till...
And bring up an iron will,
Adverse effects on one is simply NIL !

(c) Nimmy :) (inspired by one of these lines - just chill chill, just chill - that appears in a recent Hindi movie song)


Sarita Shekhar said...

Brilliant Nimmu! With everyone's favorite words :)

Ashwini Bhat said...

Just chill chill, just chill! :)

Veerapathiran said...

your poem => chill(y) bajji :-)

natalie said...

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