Monday, September 05, 2005

Dancing to the tune of iTunes

I happened to come across iTunes – the music player from Apple; the counterpart of Windows Media player - and downloaded it just to get a feel of an Apple product. Ummm, there are almost similar in terms of the features, but of course, have very different looking UIs. But, the thing to note is that while the new windows media player is pretty smart when minimized (there is a quick access bar that embeds itself in the regular windows task bar – the benefits of being a vendor with multiple products), iTunes does no such special thing…..

But, here’s my core message - I am completely enthralled by the iTunes’ visualization. It is absolutely cool! It seems to have an almost infinite number of permutations and combinations and is soothing to one’s eyes and can get one’s creative juices flowing! (Whereas the windows media player has a finite and limited, and boring I ought to add, number of options when it comes to visualization…)


Zeph Bloch-Jorgensen said...


A colleague referred me to your Blogg and your observations on Freedom's Way. Thank you. Your words were very inspiring!

It seems we are motivated and affected by very similar material -including Swami Vikekananda and systems theory.

It would be great to connect. Email me when you get a chance! (



Nimmy said...

Wow! What can I say!! :-) I feel honoured, Zeph! Thank you so much for leaving your comments on my blog and for saying that my words were inspiring! I am sort of stunned that you should decide to thank someone you don't even know!

One of my best friends and I had gone to a book shop and I happened to come across your book. I was intrigued and flipped through the pages and read some random paragraphs and liked them immensely! My friend just popped in, saw me engrossed in the book, and immediately said she wanted to gift it to me! :). (I am a book worm!) Despite having hundreds of book in the pipeline, I decided to read and finish your book both because of your talent and inspiring words and also because the book was my friend's gift....and I was certainly glad I read it immediately and did not keep it pending like many other books in my book-shelf!

Okay, to cut a long story short, I am extremely glad that I saw your book....and thanks so much for the book! Thanks also for writing to me! As you rightly pointed out, I am inspired by Swami Vivekananda...I shall write to you soon! :)

zephyr said...

Well Nimmy, don't be too stunned - as you know serendipity works in sublime ways; and at the end of the day the human spirit transcends introductions (;)). Your words on Freedom's Way were forwarded to me the day my visa interview was granted to the USA (I have subsequently been given a four year US visa to launch the Freedom's Way philosophy on a global level utilising interactive technology and additional books (of course :)) - it has been a dream long in the making. (I am Australian by the way (not German - Danish Father).



Nimmy said...

Oops! Sorry about getting your country of origin wrong! (I don't know how that happened! I must have read something somewhere and then got it mixed up) Anyways, I've corrected that on my post as well...! :)

Good for you that you are on your way to realizing your dream! Nothing surprising about that though! :) Here's wishing you all the very best and hope you spread the message of Metacentredness far and wide! :)

Veerapathiran said...

apple is one company which is different from other sw company in many ways..

“When I'm working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.” -- R. Buckminster Fuller

thats apple..they dont just solve problems..they solve it with beautiful solns..beautiful graphics..everything of them is beautiful..artistic..
the spirit that i dont see in my workplaces :-(
and hey thx for giving this link long back..i've read it few times and still going strong..

cheers :-)

mia said...

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