Thursday, August 12, 2004

What it takes to be a KM!

My thoughts on what it takes to be a KM!

In my humble opinion, for KM, one needs to be a people's person. An introspective, psychology respecting, people-understanding, convincing, influencing, persuasive, inspiring person would be a cool fit. One should have panache for data, information and knowledge and be attracted to the ways in which it is generated, categorized, disseminated and captured. Exposure to information systems would be good. Also, ability to analyze processes and break them up/put them together will be very useful. Finally, at least an overall understanding of modern technology for knowledge capture, storage, dissemination, creativity, and collaboration will be perfect.
An MBA background might be excellent as it will help one understand the business perspectives and drive the KM initiative from there. A clear understanding of project management will turn out to be a clear advantage.

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