Friday, August 20, 2004


I caught myself thinking hard about 'learning' today.

It is unfortunate that very few of us want to learn! We don't see the need to learn either because we are happy just making money for a living - by hook or crook or because we think we have nothing more to learn or because we just don't want to look like we are 'still learning' (a mega myth), or because we just don't have that urge to learn!

Those who want to learn are ridiculed and branded as 'not knowledgeable'... Given this attitude to learning, is there a question of people going back to the basics and fundamental stuff just to re-think and re-orient themselves? What do we stand to lose if this is the rule rather than the exception? Will the mind's wheel move at all or will it rust right there...where it stands.

And what are the methods by which one can learn?

- Reading books
- Interacting with people
- Practical experimentation and action itself
- Introspection and questioning
- Observation and curiosity
- Formal training programmes and seminars
- Mentoring and submission to gurus
- Listening skills
- Knowledge sharing per se

Learning is probably one of the major differentiating factors between people. Organizations that pick up the cream of the lot that is willing to learn continuously has invested in a gold-mine. From here is where innovation starts!

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