Monday, August 23, 2004


I pinged my mind on leadership and got a few responses which I thought I should blog.

- A leader should know the art of being a good follower as well. (Isn't this again a paradox!!)
- In fact, what would probably be the most difficult for a leader to do would be to know when to follow and do so.
- Following doesn't mean giving up or giving in but leading from behind.
- Leaders should be ready to give others a chance to lead. (I read a story about geese and how they take turns leading a group)
- Socitey demands that Leaders be super-natural beings, ones that are beyond the natural negative emotions like jealousy, selfishness, anger, revenge, hatred, et al. But they still need to be kind, understanding, forgiving, jovial et al.
- Leaders cannot lead but by leading by example ('Best' example that comes to my mind - Mahatma Gandhi)

- I read something about creativity and a reference to Mahatma Gandhi being a creative leader. That was a revelation in terms of the newness of the perspective (to me)! I never thought of Gandhi as a creative man! I thought only of altruism, leadership, bravery, determination, perseverance, simplicity and truth when I thought of Gandhi! The author of the article says he was creative because of the fact that he approached problems from a completely unconventional angle. He thought of non-violence when every soul could only react violently. My addition to that - He responded while others reacted. :-) Please note - Zig Ziglair. :-) (Zig Ziglair was the one who introduced me to the concept - "Don't react. Respond" )

- The world has very few leaders...How can one expect to work under the best of leaders right in the beginning of one's career. You need to be lucky to get into a leader's fold! :(

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