Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Students Blog

There's so much happening in the IT world. Computers, Internet, Computer Applications and Systems are changing the way the world lives and works. It would be extremely critical for the new generation to catch up with the latest. Well, I beg your pardon - they should ideally be racing against time and inventing newer things and designing the applications of the future. But how many schools are on to it? I read about a school called Pathways where each student has to mandatorily have a laptop. The school itself is Wi-Fi enabled and teachers can log into each of the students' laptops and 'watch' what they are doing! Now, that's wonderful! Ain't it? If all schools were to have such facilities, one doesn't have to worry about the future! But is there a time lag between what happens in the world of work and world of studies? Ideally, that ought not to be the case. Even if there are schools like Pathways, what about all the other schools? What percentage of the student population gets to go to such schools? What is needed here? Mediators who bridge the gap between the 2 worlds? Our nation has to look into it. The education ministry needs to apply thought! I'll have to google this and find out if anything's already happening! ...hmmm...

BTW, I started off by thinking what would happen if every student in school were to blog her/his thoughts everyday. Wouldn't that create a revolution in education? Food for thought! Schools need to experiment and innovate. They are responsible for so much - they are responsible for the nation's future!

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