Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I love the world of advertising and branding. The latest advertisement from Horlicks (cold milk shakes) makes me wonder... The message is that we are all split personalities. There's a different face we have once we step outside the home. Well, the advt. shows only school kids and teenagers. So, I don't know if they consciously wanted to indicate that the split personalities are only amongst the younger generation. Girls and boys change their names, their attire, their style when they step out... And then the ad. goes on to induce everyone to 'go outside' and be an 'outside' person! What a metamorphasis of sorts for the brand itslef! From being a strength and stamina drink in its basic and original avatar of Horlicks Milk Powder to a 'new generation split personality outgoing' cool drink! CHANGE makes one do it all!

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